General / Customer service

  • What is SpendBTC?

    SpendBTC is an online platform for customers to exchange crypto with giftcards with minimal fees. We accept around 6 popular crypto currencies in the platform

  • How do I use this service?

    In order to use the service you’ll need to select the giftcard you would like to purchase and then you’ll be taken to an order received page where you’ll be able to select the crypto of your choice and pay. Upon payment enter your Txid in the “Enter Txid” field. Once the payment is confirmed you’ll receive the giftcard code in your email (also check Spam if not received).

  • What is your customer policy?

    If you chose a wrong giftcard and it is already delivered to your email, we won’t be able to refund it. However, if you didn’t yet receive the giftcard code, please contact the support team. In this case 15% cancellation charge will be taken.

  • How fast does customer service reply?

    The customer service typically replies within 3-6 hours. We will soon be adding a live customer support which will make the customer support service quicker.